The first wave of blogging was a wonder for most companies. Today, blogging is growing into its position among marketing methodologies. A number of major corporations ventured into the social media space in early 2000. However, a less significant amount of attention is paid to it today. Has the blogging syndrome become dull? Or, is there a principle that isn’t provided by blogs today?

According to statistics shared by eMarketer (Corporate Marketing Gone Mainstream), the utilization of blogs has, in reality, doubled over the last two years. Yet, only a third of companies are using blogs.

Adam Singer states, “Twitter and Facebook are popular because they are simple. Blogging, on the other hand, takes thought, planning and execution. Unfortunately, most companies don’t want to put in the hours. With that said, those who do, and do it right, experience greater returns.”

Blogging is more than connecting users’ thoughts, actions and comings and goings via mobile devices. Blogging is long format discussion topics which offer companies the capacity to have a well defined message. Over time, people who are truthfully paying attention to your stories will become loyal fans and customers. According to Scott Monty, “Fundamentally, marketing is storytelling.”

Marketing via storytelling integrates blog content; lends and hand to SEO (search engine optimization), and presents customers and fans reasons to revisit your site more frequently. Through the use of buttons, integrating Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr and other small form platforms to your blog is simple.

The blogging objective is to (1) contribute a balanced flow of story-like content and (2) assimilate the content into our entire social media presence so that the blog is not struggling for equal consideration. Our greedy little brains are hungry for a good story, so if you want to make the sale, forget the data and make a personal connection.