I think a lot about is ‘humility’. At first, I thought humility was about being humble…or ashamed or guilty. But when my spiritual teacher explained how she understood it and how she practiced humility, I found her explanation simple and doable.

Humility, to me, means to remain teachable. To be willing to listen to others and to hear what they are saying without judgement. It means to me to be willing to be open to new ideas, ways of doing things and ways of being…not to be a know-it-all.

Humility is knowing that God offers me a souce of power, much like an electrical socket…I have the opportunity to stay plugged into that power or to unplug…its my choice. When I make the choice to plug in or not, I am responsible…either way…and know that the consequences are mine to live with.

Humility gives me freedom…freedom to be grateful, to be honest, to be open minded and most of all to be willing. With humility, I am a sponge for all good things in life…love and happiness. And more than anything, I trust God to be there for me always when I am plugged in. And even in the times when I fail to plug in.