For so many months, actually 3 years, I was limited to what I could do due to the condition of my back. I was an avid bike rider; 5 to 10 miles a day very early in the morning while living in Las Vegas. I loved the early morning sounds that nature provided…and the activity of those going to work. I also loved the reality that my body powered the bike. Simply stated, it was exhilarating.

Being unable to ride was depressing. Doctors wanted to do surgery but I opted for physical therapy. I refused mind altering drugs and instead focused on natural remedies such as massage, water therapy and herbal supplements.

I made progress very slowly but never returned to my biking routine.

When we moved to Augusta, I was still unable to do very much. Or so I thought. So, for the first year, I remained in the same condition physically and mentally. One of my new friends continued to encourage me to attend a local strength training class attended by many of the gals to whom I had been introduced. I shied away from attending knowing that I was limited in what I could do.

In November 2015, I was diagnosed with bursitis in my left rotator cuff. This diagnosis created anxiety of more limitations. This realization is clearly what motivated me to attend my first strength training class.

I was surprised and thrilled that I was greeted by all of the gals and made to feel so very welcome. I watched as others participated and did as much as my ‘back’ would allow. I listened to the gals share stories of what their limitations had been and were. I soon realized that I was no different that most of them. And, that I could help myself by attending this class regularly.

Fast forward to now. I’m not riding a bike these days, however, I am doing so much more than I was 7 months. I am gardening, walking and having so much more fun. I am excited to think about what the future will bring. Just think, this time next year I may be back to biking. One can never tell!

All in all, I have learned that instead of thinking about limitations to celebrate what my body can do, and to gently work on what it cannot do in this moment of time. This way of thinking is taught by the strength training instructor, Lisa Capehart, on a regular basis. Her encouragement and coaching have given me reason to believe in my physical capabilities again. Sure, I get discouraged from time to time. But, not for long. Class is held every Monday and Thursday. Come join us if you dare!!!